Flemming Nightstand


Rich with reeding for great texture and a linear look, solid oak frames and dual drawers with polished brass hardware and curved corners, while a bluestone top brings a beautifully complementary material mix to bedroom storage. White mineral lines and subtle color, texture and pattern variations are to be expected and speak to each stone's individual nature.


Overall Dimensions:26.00"w x 20.50"d x 25.25"
Colours: Bluestone, Distressed Black Oak, Brushed Gunmetal
Materials: Bluestone, Solid Oak, Iron
Clearance from Floor6.90"
Drawer Depth 115.40"
Drawer Height 16.10"
Drawer Width 117.70"
Overall Depth20.50"
Overall Height25.30"
Overall Width26.00"


Overall Dimensions: 35.50"w x 20.50"d x 25.25"N
Colours: Bluestone, Distressed Black
Materials: Bluestone, Oak Veneer

Clearance from Floor6.89"
Drawer Depth 115.35"
Drawer Height 16.22"
Drawer Width 127.28"
Overall Depth20.47"
Overall Height25.28"
Overall Width35.43"